While your Subaru is built for the long road ahead, it will need a little TLC from the Subaru service professionals here at Lokey Subaru of Port Richey to ensure safe and reliable performance for many miles to come. One service that goes a long way to keeping your Outback, Impreza or WRX running like new is regular oil changes. So when was the last time you had your oil changed?

Clean motor oil is vital to your Subaru's spirited and efficient performance and if you don't change your oil at the recommended intervals you run the risk of doing serious damage to your engine. The Subaru BOXER engine is unique with horizontally opposed pistons that make side to side punches. Clean oil prevents dirt from building up in the engine and keeps all of the moving components from heating up due to friction. If you don't change your oil when the light comes on and continue to drive your Subaru the engine components will eventually warp from the heat caused by the friction of moving at such high speeds. When this happens your engine can seize and stop running altogether and that is a very costly repair. Regular oil changes also improve your fuel economy by not requiring your enjoy to work as hard.

Subaru has made it easy for Port Richey drivers to stay on top of when their Subaru needs to have the oil change with maintenance look-up to deliver the same high-quality performance your first feel in love with. Subaru recommends that you have your oil changed roughly ever 6-8,000-miles by a certified Subaru technician who uses genuine Subaru parts. Together the best parts and service will keep your Subaru on the road for 200,000-miles of adventure.

One more benefit for our customers to have their oil changed here at Lokey Subaru of Port Richey is free oil changes for life when you purchase a new or a used vehicle from us. To get your Subaru in for an oil change give our service center a call today or make an appointment online from home at your earliest convince. If you are short on time and your low oil light is one take advantage of our Express Service Lane where you can get in and out and on your way without missing a beat.