Get Your Subaru Serviced for Spring in Port Richey, FL

Spring recently arrived in Florida and so the time has come to talk spring maintenance for your new or used Subaru. While snowfall might not present much of a challenge in this state, long-term driving in cold weather can affect many crucial systems of your new or used Subaru. Let us tell you about the top five services your Subaru will need for the spring. Schedule any maintenance appointment with our service center at Lokey Subaru of Port Richey.

Top Five Spring Services for your Subaru

  1. Coolant Top-Off: The coolant, or "anti-freeze" prevents the engine from accumulating damage in extreme weather conditions, hot or cold. As such, we should check your levels to prevent long-term overheating for the warmer months.
  2. Oil Change: While simple and obvious to some, your Subaru might come due for an oil change. Let us change out the filter used during the winter and send you home with fresh lubricant for your engine.
  3. Tire Rotation: If you use special tires for the winter, you should consider swapping them out. Whether all-season or winter-oriented, cold weather can affect tire wear.
  4. Filter Replacement: In addition to the oil filter, winter weather can affect the cabin air filter as your vehicle lets in outside air for heating. Consider a new cabin air filter and a new engine filter, if applicable.
  5. Brake Inspection: Even if not due for inspection yet, your brakes see a lot of action when driving on icy or slick roads during the winter, especially if you live in an area with bumper-to-bumper traffic. Our technicians can inspect your brakes, topping off fluid as needed.

Schedule a Spring Service Today

When your Subaru comers due for spring service, do not wait. Schedule an appointment with our service center at Lokey Subaru of Port Richey for dedicated repairs from certified Subaru technicians using genuine parts. Schedule an appointment online and visit us today!

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